TOP 10 Lighting exhibitors – MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2013

Euroluce 2013 brought some interesting inspirations for your projects. Have you been there? If not, here’s a top 10 lights that you must keep an eye on.

1. Swarm Lamp by Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau




The Swedish-based design studio, Jangir Maddadi, is presenting the graceful Swarm at the “HS Design Building (discover via Tortona 58) during the Milan Design Week. Swarm is born from the vision of Jangir designers to create “unique pieces that are both functional and beautiful”.

Swarm brings together three simple materials: glass, wood and metal. The angle of each Swarm can be adjusted to a road spectrum of positions, and each lamp can be purchased as one, a group of three or a group of five, giving people the freedom to choose the light that best suits their needs.

Swarm is 100% Swedish-made, a lamp with a strong character and a masterful design.

2. Jar RGB lamp by Arik Levy for Lasvit



Jar RGB is a lighting project, mainly conceived for public spaces, that connects thin colorful glass and the idea of RGB color mixing, allowing users to create an interesting range of combinations.

Using white glass for one of the hanging jars allows it to turn into a large light bulb generating the light for the entire fixture. Observing one jar through another and the space surrounding them gives one a unique discovery of color superimposition. Jar is about how the colors interact with each other with see-through effects and with the light, both natural and artificial.

In the words of the Arik Levy, the designer “the object benefits from the surroundings and changes according to the background”.

3. Under My Tree by Florian Brillet for Ligne Roset





Made of aluminum and wood, Under My Tree is a waterproof lamp created by designer Florian Brillet in collaboration with French brand Ligne Roset. The lighting piece conceived to be a garden lamp, can be used both indoors and out and was designed as a portable version that can be easily hung on tree branches.

“Under my Tree is an invitation to dine outside, an object conducive to conviviality”, says Brillet.


4. Marine Light by Nir Meiri




Nir Meiri will be launching the Marine Light during Milan Design Week 2013 at Spazio Rossana Orlandi.

The Marine Light lamp combines a metal base and a structure of thin metal strings for the lamp-shade. The seaweeds are applied on the metal strings while still fresh. As they dry, they shrink and obtain the form of the lamp-shade.

Through the unconventional use of seaweed as a main material for a domestic environment, the ‘Marine Light’ by Tel-Aviv-based designer Nir Meir plays on the tension between the artistic and the commercial.

5. Graphic Lamp Collection by Delightfull



“Thrilled neon & filament lights are aesthetically shaped into rebel fonts outlined by a novel body full of personality – that’s Graphic Collection’s essence. Iconic letters, numbers and symbols with a delightfull twist.”

This is the way that Delightfull design studio presents Graphic Lamp Collection a range of lighting shaped letters inspired in the art movement pop-art. You can find Delightfull at Isaloni in Hall 13 G09.

6. Chapeau lamp by Philippe Starck for FLOS



Only Starck could get away with a hat stand for a lamp. As a serious design though, Chapeau offers a customizable product, as one can put any hat on top of the actual light source.

7. Ascent table lamp by Daniel Rybakken for Luceplan



Ascent will be presented at Salone del Mobile at Fiera Milano, during Milan Design Week 2013. Daniel Rybakkencreated a lamp that gives the user control over not only the light intensity, but also the spread of light.

By moving the head along the stem, the light intensity goes from being turned off at the bottom position, to gradually ascending to the full light output at the top.

“The gesture of sliding the head upwards for more light and down for less is a conceptual idea, but at the same time an action that feels natural.” Says Rybakken.

8. Stelle Filanti by Atelier Oi for Venini


cq5dam.thumbnail.960.1280 (1) copy

This complex chandelier consists of a blown glass shade held in a lattice of leather with supporting plastic rods.

9. Aria and Avia lamp by Zaha Hadid for Slamp


Zaha Hadid amazes us again with her innovative designs and her one of a kind vision. She will present two monochrome pendant lamps for Italian brand Slamp at the Euroluce lighting exhibition taking place alongside theSalone Internazionale del Mobile.

The Aria lamp (black) contains a core of six light sources facing outwards plus a downward-facing spotlight, which shine through 50 sheets of translucent black plastic. Each plastic profile is slightly different so they form a fluid, asymmetric shape when hung radially.

Avia (white) has a similar construction, but the plastic sheets are opaque and can be white or black. This second model is available in two small sizes for residential use and two bigger forms for installation in large spaces.


10. Apollo by Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova for La Chance


This glass and marble floor lamp has a tilted base that makes it look as if it is just resting on the floor, or it just landed like the spaceship it is named after. We like the neat shape, and the contrast of bulky marble and light glass.

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