Philippe Cramer – Swiss designer

Swiss designer Philippe Cramer creates objects using various materials including porcelain, crystal and metal.

As reflected by his signature “Designed in Geneva, made in Switzerland”, Philippe Cramer’s products showcase not only the creativity but also the quality of Swiss craftsmanship and precision. Far from the hegemony of mass production and marketing, Philippe Cramer cultivates his own highly personal style. His approach brings together hand-crafting techniques with industrial processes, traditional materials with technological components, the codes of a vernacular aesthetic with a universal vision of beauty. Philippe Cramer aspires not only to conceive the most efficient products but also to create an emotional and intellectual triangle between an object, its creator and its user.

philippe_cramer1   Philippe Cramer  -  Swiss designer philippe cramer1



560969_10150758330525792_88711908_n   Philippe Cramer  -  Swiss designer 560969 10150758330525792 88711908 n

VUE_GENERALE   Philippe Cramer  -  Swiss designer VUE GENERALE

TAPISSERIE   Philippe Cramer  -  Swiss designer TAPISSERIE

pc2   Philippe Cramer  -  Swiss designer pc2


pc4   Philippe Cramer  -  Swiss designer pc4L’ORNEMENT JAMAIS 01 | 2010 | Installation for the Museum of Art and history in Geneva, specifically created for the Salon de Cartigny.

The Salon de Cartigny is a reconstitution of the reception room originally in the Cartigny castle. The wood paneling is the original work by the master wood sculptor Jean Jaquet.


RANDOGNE_FAMILY   Philippe Cramer  -  Swiss designer RANDOGNE FAMILYRANDOGNE FAMILY | 2003 | A family of table and floor lamps | Unique and made to measure works. Lacquered steel and aluminum.


RANDOGNE_SMALL   Philippe Cramer  -  Swiss designer RANDOGNE SMALL

RANDOGNE SMALL | 2003 | Table lamp | Small edition | Lacquered steel and aluminum.


RORSCHACH   Philippe Cramer  -  Swiss designer RORSCHACH

522454_10150758330940792_2075607407_n   Philippe Cramer  -  Swiss designer 522454 10150758330940792 2075607407 n

ORSCHACH | 2011 | Armoires and cabinets. | Small edition. Each with a unique pattern. Signed on interior panel. Whitened ash and hand applied acrylic paint.

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