Kitchen Design Ideas: 50 shades of grey

50-shades-grey-kitchen-decor-ideas   Kitchen Design Ideas: 50 shades of grey 50 shades grey kitchen decor ideas

Gray is the new trend color for kitchens. The new sensational movie ”50 Shades of gray” was the inspiration for many new decorations. The kitchen is one of the most important divisions in a home, so why not make same bold decorations inspired in the new movie 50 shades of gray! Design in vogue will help you with gray kitchen design ideas.

kithcen-design-ideas-luxurious-decor-contemporary-interior-design-50-shades-of-gray   Kitchen Design Ideas: 50 shades of grey kithcen design ideas luxurious decor contemporary interior design 50 shades of gray

Designers from the eastern Europe-based Viarde have created a sleek, modern design in this Smolniy Park apartment, without moving a single piece of furniture.

kitchen-design-ideas-50-shades-of-gray-inpiration-bold-decor   Kitchen Design Ideas: 50 shades of grey kitchen design ideas 50 shades of gray inpiration bold decor

A gray wall will give a exquisite style to the kitchen. If you like same bold decoration this is a perfect color combinations that will make you kitchen look luxurious and fun at the same time.

Perfect-Gray-kitchen-with-gold-details-with-Minimalist-Contemporary-Design-Ideas   Kitchen Design Ideas: 50 shades of grey Perfect Gray kitchen with gold details with Minimalist Contemporary Design Ideas

Gray and Gold are a very exquisite combination, only a luxurious decoration can handle this color combination. This is a contemporary kitchen with a unique decor.

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Written by Carina Sá