Flylight | Inspiring by nature

Reacting to the digital revolution and inspiring by nature, intuition, interaction, fiction and fantasy, Lonneke and Ralph founded Amsterdam’s Studio Drift in 2007. Using the best materials and the latest production technologies, DRIFT aims to make original and passionate designs that reflects a feeling of hovering, gliding, lightness and state of zero graviting.

Flylight-by-Studio-Drift-yatzer-4   Flylight | Inspiring by nature Flylight by Studio Drift yatzer 4

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Flylight | Inspiring by nature   Flylight | Inspiring by nature b

Visual impact and elegance characterize this remarkable creation.
FLYLIGHT is an interactive light installation composed  of a variable amount of laboratory glass tubes inspired by the behavior of a flock of birds and the fascinating patterns they seem to make randomly in the air

The ‘flock’ react differently the closer you get to it or when more people approach it at once. The lights can see their environment through sensors that translate the information into a computer simulation, which drives the electronics of the lights. Each FLYLIGHT can be adapted accordingly to the space.

Materials: Hand-blown glass tubes, Halogen lights
Dimensions: variable / one modular part H 30 L 4 cm – this display: H 200 L 200 W 300 cm