Christmas Decor Ideas by ELLE DECOR

Simple decorating ideas for the minimalist or modernist. Design in Vogue loves Christmas and holiday decor. So, today I share the issue by ELLE Decor with some Chic holiday decor and ideias that you can use for your home and find in many different stores, such as or

Rustic Candles

PB-beaded-gold-metallic-wax-pillar-candles_Z  Christmas Decor Ideas by ELLE DECOR PB beaded gold metallic wax pillar candles Z

These rustic candles look almost like the base of a Christmas tree. Made from hand-poured wax covered in real birch bark, they burn straight down to create a gorgeous glow from within. A lovely way to create a warm, woodsy atmosphere.

Hand towels

PCR12_0000012H173X_0174762_W1_SQ  Christmas Decor Ideas by ELLE DECOR PCR12 0000012H173X 0174762 W1 SQ

Let your guests answer the question, themselves, with these cheeky hand towels. Either way, the green and red embroidery on white cotton pique is a fresh take on a classic holiday statement.

Modern and Playful

FeltBallGrlndRedGrnAVF12  Christmas Decor Ideas by ELLE DECOR FeltBallGrlndRedGrnAVF12

These felt pom-poms are much more modern—and a heck of a lot neater—than the average glitter stands. String these around the tree or drape them from a doorframe for a festive, mess-proof display.

Not-So-Traditional Tree  Christmas Decor Ideas by ELLE DECOR 20101225 3352

The beach might seem like a far-off dream around this time of year, but this unusual shell topiary brings a little West Coast charm to the Christmas scheme

Santa’s Little Helpers

elfcandleholdersHD11  Christmas Decor Ideas by ELLE DECOR elfcandleholdersHD11

Grab a few of these adorable little guys to top off a mantle or accent table.

Silver Wreath

DSC_0018  Christmas Decor Ideas by ELLE DECOR DSC 0018

A celebrated event planner, this lovely glimmering silver wreath is worthy of the fanciest gala … or your front door. Different sized silver balls add must-have glamour, and since it’s not made from branches, it can be used year after year.

Festive Flock

D076E9F7  Christmas Decor Ideas by ELLE DECOR D076E9F7

Forget furry red and white variety craft, these felt stockings are simple, classic, and have a childlike flair that makes them perfectly suited to the season. Three birds in bright grass green, teal, and red, will bring the mantle to life.