Brazilian Baroque – Campana Brothers

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Campana Brothers to show new ‘Brazilian Baroque’ collection in first show at David Gill St James’s, 1 May – 15 June 2013

Bernini meets Brazil as David Gill Galleries prepares to host a major exhibition of works by the internationally renowned designers, the Campana Brothers. Entitled Brazilian Baroque, the exhibition opens at David Gill St James’s, 2-4 King Street, London SW1Y 6QP from 1 May to 15 June 2013.

This Brazilian Baroque collection takes its inspiration from the intensively decorative and sumptuous Baroque style of the 17th and 18th centuries, combined with the Campana Brothers’ own take on Brazilian art and culture. The collection includes new coffee tables, to be shown for the first time at David Gill Galleries, as well as a selection of works first shown at The Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris last autumn.

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“At the beginning, we were a little afraid to work with these materials”, they explain, “but the sense we wanted to give the collection was to give a Brazilian, and not an Italian outlook, marked by the imperfection which is insinuated and plays in the perfection of Roman Baroque. Our aim was to dismantle harmony, to corrupt it and mix it with elements from our own work”.

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“We dove into the project head-first” the designers continue, “with the spontaneity of a Brazilian who has a limited grasp of classic Italian culture. We started on the project in February, and came to Rome just three times. It was quick and thrilling”.

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“We recycled decorative elements for bronze furniture from the 1600s and 1800s and fragments of statuary marble”, they went on, “without the intention of re-elaborating a specific historical moment, but guided only by our intuition. We bathed the bronze in gold, in proportion to the figurative culture of our background, made up of images from historic Brazilian tradition, in other words the expressive extravagance of our own Baroque, the suggestions of popular culture, street culture and the melting pot of races which is the symbol of our modernity”.

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Using the purest traditions of craft techniques, the Brazilian Baroque limited edition series is a personal allegory celebrating the riches of the Campana Brothers’ style.

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